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Exercises for Penis Enlargement

The topic is not widely and popularly discussed. Breast augmentation, liposuction, skin tightening – everything is now quite normal. But a penis enlargement? Who is doing that? And how does it even work?

Most men are dissatisfied with the size of their member, and so every year thousands of penis enlargements are performed. However, you can actually get your penis enlarged without surgery. You can get the best sex pills for men with penis enlargement supplements that will help you attain the size you need. You can also try specific exercises that prove helpful.

There are several exercises that, if done regularly, can enlarge your penis. The same exercises are often beneficial for blood circulation and, therefore, erectile function. They include:


Jelqing is a typeincreased penis size of penis massage invented by Arabs more than 1,000 years ago and used as a method for penis enlargement. There are two different types: dry and wet jelqing. A lubricant such as petroleum jelly or baby oil is used for the latter. The exercise works as follows: Form the thumb and forefinger into the OK sign and place it around the penis at the body’s base. Distribute the pressure evenly.

Then slowly massage the penis from the stomach towards the glans. The whole way should take about five to ten seconds. Stop the movement shortly before the glans and start over with the other hand directly from the body’s base. The penis must be in a semi-erect state during this exercise.


Growth through overstimulation is the motto of stretching. You can enlarge your penis by pulling on it. To do this, however, the limb should be in a flaccid state. As with jelqing, you then form an okay sign. So you start just in front of the glans, from where you begin stretching. The exercise will likely take a few tries to master.

In addition tomale enhancement exercises such as jelqing and stretching, various products can help you achieve natural penis enlargements, such as the penis extender and the penis pump. The latter is also a popular sex toy that increases erectile function.

If you regularly use a penis pump, you can enlarge your penis by around one and a half centimeters. Regularly means daily or every other day for five to ten minutes in the beginning and up to 30 minutes in the advanced stage of the training.

With a penis extender, you can increase the size of your penis by an impressive two and a half centimeters in a flaccid state within six months. The penis is stretched by a splint attached to it, the tensile force of which can be adjusted.