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How to Choose a Good Hernia Surgery Doctor

Hernia surgery can be performed to treat various types of hernia like umbilical hernia, scar hernia, femoral hernia, and diaphragmatic hernia. Treatment of hernia is only done by specialists who are experienced and qualified. Assessing a good surgeon you should check on the education, training, and background.

Depending on the location, the Hernia repair surgery will be performed by a general surgeon. Complex surgeries require the help of specialists. It is better to treat hernia as early as possible to prevent complicated and elaborate surgery in the future. A good doctor will evaluate the symptoms and decide the best procedure.


The number of surgeries performed by a doctor per month matters. A low volume of surgeries might mean the doctor doesn’t have enough knowledge and skills about the hernia. More surgeries mean the doctor has been active and can handle your case.

An experienced doctor has dealt with previous similar cases, with the history, they have better chances in achieving maximum positive results. The laparoscopic approach requires a lot of extensive training and numerous repeated procedures for a doctor to be proficient. The patient will be at peace choosing a surgeon with advanced expertise.

Certified Doctor

Surgeons should be certified by the appropriate medical boards. For a doctor to receive certification it indicates that he or she maintains high standards of care and likely to follow best practices compared to non-certified doctors.

In case of any disciplinary actions, the certification and medical license are reviewed and the doctor might lose both. The board certifications of the doctor is useful to judge their capabilities.

hernia repair surgery

What Kind of Repair the Doctor Will Perform

Your doctor should be able to outline the surgical alternatives, the benefits, and risks associated with the surgery. Some of the repairs include; Lichtenstein repair, shouldice repair, bassini repair, plug and patch repair, total extraeritoneal repair, transabdominal preperitoneal, and robotic-assisted repair. Your doctor will help you determine the best surgical procedure.

Check the Reviews

The patient’s review of the doctor is important. You can check their websites, patients often write their experiences about doctors. The website also has reviews of the hospital’s quality ratings. If you’re considering surgery, you can consult other doctors, they recommend the best surgeons.

Online research and reviews can give a patient confidence in the choice of hernia surgeon. Most doctors have contributed to the medical literature and they publish the research online. Do an online search to discover if they have participated in any research on hernia repair.